International Exhibition of Inventions 2018: 2 major innovations developped at EPFL

Except the thousands of inventions that will be showing in preview at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (11-15 April, at Palexpo), 2 very popular and worldwide achievements from EPFL, will be highlighted by this international showcase.

ROVéo, a terrestrial agile robot, capable of passing obstacles bigger than his wheels, will be a real attraction. Developed with the support of EPFL, this machine is destine for damaged grounds and dangerous environments to human. His future is promising because ROVENSO, the start-up that developed it, has already attracted some clients from China and Switzerland, respectively in the field of fire intervention and security monitoring.

Dronistics, a concept created by a doctoral student from EPFL as well, is a system of little parcel drone delivery. The Swiss post has already successfully tested it. But his applications are wider since he can be very efficient in delivering medicine or rescue kit in inaccessible places. The system consist of a drone with a protective cage and an application who include the geolocation of the delivery place.

Last year, the exoskeleton presented by EPFL and piloted by the paraplegic athlete Silke Pan was a huge success, distributed in the media around the world.