For the 47th time, Geneva will play host to the planet's most imaginative inventors. The International Exhibition of Inventions will open its doors at Palexpo from April 10 to 14, offering a unique opportunity to find out about the latest gems dreamt up by the fertile brains of the roughly 800 exhibitors. Once again, Palexpo's Hall 7 will showcase the genius of the world's top inventors. Carefully selected based on national or international competitions held in various countries, the inventors must all have filed for a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) during the past year. This means that nothing on show at the exhibition has ever been seen before, and it will never be presented there again either. The main trends Every facet of human life is represented in the different categories of inventions. That said, the most frequently represented issues reflect people's daily concerns and aspirations, naturally including areas such as ecology, medicine and security, but also covering new audiovisual technologies, objects of everyday life and transport, too. The innovations on display at the International Exhibition of Inventions showcases innovations that will stimulate everyone's imagination. Inquisitive members of the public can come along to see the practical and fun objects that will shape their future lives. Professionals looking for products to manufacture or distribute, or keen to purchase licences will be amply rewarded as well. All-in-all, some 800 inventors from around 40 different countries will present over 1,000 brand new ideas. Professionals and members of the public While the International Exhibition of Inventions offers visitors fascinating insights into the future, it is also an event at which every participating inventor hopes to win a prize that will showcase their ingenuity. Around 50 prizes will be awarded, designed to reward the best inventors in their field. Naturally, the most prestigious prize is the Grand Prix, saluting an innovation that all members of the jury agree really stands out. Reaching an agreement is a challenge when you bear in mind that each jury member may well start out with their own preference. That's why the jurors are all specialists in each category represented at the exhibition, their primary task being to scrutinise every invention that falls within their expertise, and their secondary task, to defend the innovation that strikes them as particularly deserving of recognition. The Grand Prix guarantees its winner a high profile worldwide. But the other awards handed out very often enable their recipients to more quickly find partners to manufacture, market or finance their inventions. While there is no way of citing a precise total figure of the business done at or as a result of the exhibition, it is known to amount to tens of millions of euros. Previously, an inventor was even contacted several years later by a multinational that had found out about their invention in a magazine article. A growing Green Island Environmental issues are becoming a global concern, so the exhibition cannot ignore them. Accordingly, the 'Green Island', an area created several years ago at the exhibition, is growing ever larger and inviting prestigious international organisations to present their projects and achievements. For example, the Solar Impulse Foundation has a stand where visitors can see some of the proposals collected by Bertrand Piccard and his team as part of their ambitious goal of selecting 1,000 profitable solutions to environmental issues. Another guest of honour is International Clean Tech Week, which will take place in Annecy from 19 to 22 June. This event, first held in 2018 and highly successful, aims to bring together a very large number of companies working with swiftly applicable clean technologies. The Green Island will showcase numerous discoveries and inventions aimed at promoting a healthier world, covering topics ranging from water treatment to beach clean-ups, recycling and non-motorised transport.   International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 10-14 April 2019 Hall 7, Palexpo, Geneva Wednesday to Saturday: 9:30-18:00 Sunday: 9:30-17:00    

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